Printable Arrival Information Sheet

Print this sheet and bring in your carry-on luggage.

Meeting the IFSA-Butler staff

  • All students are met by IFSA-Butler staff at the Arrival Hall
  • A staff member will be holding an IFSA-Butler sign
  • Ensure you check-in with one of the IFSA-Butler team
  • If you are delayed in the Customs area, don’t panic we won’t leave without you
Lost Luggage
  • Address for lost luggage:
    YMCA Shakespear Lodge
  • Complete a claim form and retain a copy of this document
  • The lost luggage should be delivered to the Orientation site before you travel to your host university
  • There are public phones in the Arrivals hall that accept international calling cards
  • You will have time to phone home before heading out
  • A bank and ATM are also in the Arrivals hall
  • You will only need approximately $NZ 50 for the duration of Orientation
Travel to your NZ University
  • At the end of Orientation your Student Liaison Officer will accompany you to your host university
  • All students (except those studying at the University of Auckland), will take a domestic flight to their host city
  • Please note that you must arrange and pay for your own transportation back to Auckland International Airport at the end of your time in New Zealand. If you choose to fly to Auckland, make sure your flight connects with your international flight within 24 hours or you will be subject to domestic baggage allowances (see “Baggage Allowances”).
New Zealand Office Free-phone For Calls in NZ
  1. If you need any assistance once you arrive call the New Zealand office on the free-phone number Ph 0800-202-171, if it is an emergency call the Emergency Pager Ph 0800-700-14