Independent Traveler

Meeting the group
  • If you are not traveling on the group flight then you need to arrange a flight that lands at Auckland International Airport before the group flight’s arrival
  • If you are already in New Zealand, then you need to be back in Auckland at Auckland International Airport no later than half an hour after the group flight lands
  • To confirm arrival date and time of your New Zealand university’s group flight check the on-line Advantage Travel forms
Meeting Point
  • IFSA-Butler New Zealand staff will be waiting for all students in the Arrivals Hall of the International Terminal, on the side closest to McDonalds.
  • A staff member will be holding an IFSA-Butler sign.
  • Ensure you check in with one of the IFSA-Butler team.
  • If you are unable to find it, ask one of the information staff wearing a blue uniform.
  1. The IFSA-Butler Orientation is held several hours north of Auckland and starts once the group flight lands, so if you miss the group you will be expected to make your own way there (which is an expensive option!)
  2. It runs for four days and all students are expected to attend
Accommodation pre-Orientation
  1. We recommend that you pre-book accommodation if you are planning to stay in Auckland prior to Orientation
  2. You are responsible for your own accommodation and luggage storage arrangements prior to Orientation
Travel to your NZ University
  1. At the end of Orientation your Student Liaison Officer will accompany you to your host university
  2. All students (except those studying at the University of Auckland), will take a domestic flight to their host city
  3. IFSA-Butler will arrange your travel to your host city
  4. Please note that you must arrange and pay for your own transportation back to Auckland International Airport at the end of your time in New Zealand. If you choose to fly to Auckland, make sure your flight connects with your international flight within 24 hours or you will be subject to domestic baggage allowances (see “Baggage Allowances”).