Summer Safety

As the weather warms up I am sure you will all be itching to get out and about to enjoy all that NZ has to offer. On top of stunning rivers and glistening lakes, no part of New Zealand is more than 130km (80.78 miles) from the ocean! If you love water sports, lazy days at the beach and splashing around in the pool get ready to enjoy the rest of the semester!! Please remember to stay safe while enjoying the water.

swim between the flags

Tips for staying safe in the water:

Never swim alone: watch out for yourself and others

Don’t swim at night

Never swim under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Be aware of the dangers: Check the depth and look before you leap! Rocks, logs, etc. could be lurking under the surface.

Swim between the flags: At the beach lifeguards will set up red and yellow flags. The area between these flags is the safest place to swim and is being patrolled by life guards

Know your ability and don’t get out of your depth

Be aware of the conditions: know the weather and tide reports and be aware of any warnings

Look out for rips!


Signs a rip:

A calm area of fewer breaking waves A channel of churning, choppy water A line of sea foam, seaweed, or debris moving steadily seaward Darker deeper water or different colored water beyond the surf zone Sometimes it’s easier to look for where the waves are breaking consistently, and then look to each side where they don’t break consistently. That’s the rip current!



The sun can be really dangerous!!! Always remember to: Slip Slop Slap Wrap and Seek!