Garden Tour & Cookery School

Lyttelton Habour | Canterbury, New Zealand | Cookery School | College Study Abroad | IFSA-Butler The Canterbury students have been busy in the kitchen! On Sunday we spent an afternoon in the quaint port town of Lyttleton. We started our experience with a garden tour, where we foraged for herbs to go in our dinner that we would soon be preparing, fed the kunekune pigs (one of whom ‘sits’ on command!), collected the fresh eggs (also for dinner), learned about ‘pig tea’, composting & growing forest food. It was an idyllic location with stunning views across Lyttleton harbour, hard to believe we were just over the hill from the hustle & bustle of Christchurch really. Through the neighbouring goat farm we walked, learning more & more about the area & its characteristics, before we headed on up to a newly built home, complete with ginormous windows which allowed us to enjoy the views even further. Jenny had lots to tell us about the specific NZ ingredients we were using, some of which included kawakawa, horopito, feijoas, tamarillos, NZ lamb, green lip mussels & kumara, as well as plenty of fresh, vibrant vegetables & herbs from her garden. We split up into small groups, some of us working on decorating the pavlova, some making tamarillo sauce for the lamb, some on garlic bread & another on the watercress salad. As we finished our tasks we moved onto further ones until our well-earned meal was complete & finally ready for our taste buds to sample. What excellent cooks we make! We had a delicious slow-roasted meal of lamb with all of the above dishes. We were given the recipes to take home, so hopefully everyone will have a go at cooking some kiwi delights back home! Feeding the Pigs | Canterbury, New Zealand | Cookery School | College Study Abroad | IFSA-ButlerStudent Chef | Canterbury, New Zealand | Cookery School | College Study Abroad | IFSA-Butler