Canterbury Volunteering at Burwood Forest Plantation

The Canterbury students had a great time on our Volunteer Event this weekend. With an early start (too early for some!) we made our way to Burwood Forest Plantation – a 1000 hectare working forest. Our guide, Jason, made us feel comfortable right away, with no shortage of kiwi jokes & many a tale to tell of his many years experience working within the industry. We piled into the Rangers utes & headed through the bog & forest to our first destination. After a quick demo we were let loose on the trees (well, native flax bushes) & all played our part in the regeneration of that area of the forest. We dug in sand and in dirt and before we knew it had dug our way to the end of all the bushes we had to plant, and through our work had left a little piece of ourselves behind on the plains of Canterbury, for the citizens and future tourists to enjoy for many years to come. Our adventure continued as Jason gave us a guided tour through the forest, showing us the landfill areas and the vast amounts of wreckage being dealt with in the aftermath of the Christchurch Earthquakes. We rounded of the morning with a delicious BBQ with plenty of those tasty kiwi snacks we have all come to know & love. A fantastic, well-rounded event, with a good balance of fun, food & giving back to our host city which has endured so much. Group Photo | Canterbury, New Zealand | Volunteer Event | College Study Abroad | IFSA-Butler Planting Flaxes | Canterbury, New Zealand | Volunteer Event | College Study Abroad | IFSA-Butler