Canterbury Volunteer Event

The Canterbury students had a great time on our Volunteer Event this weekend. With a cold and early start (too early for some!) we made our way to Spencer Park to plant a couple of hundred native trees. In no time were pro’s at cutting away the grass, digging the sandy soil, planting & packing the baby trees, placing a piece of cardboard on top with a stake & a log to hold it in place & create a natural environment for the trees. Time flies when you’re having fun & before we knew it, it was time for snags on the BBQ, a cold drink & lots of delicious kiwi snacks to try for our lunch. We were very lucky with the weather – rain & sleet was predicted & being right on the beach it was set to be a freezing cold day. Luckily our hard work kept us warm before we were able to enjoy the sunshine that came out right on lunchtime. Our experience continued as Tom, Jason & Bill gave us a guided tour along the beach in their 4WD vehicles – an experience to say the least! We returned  through the sandy, hilly, winding forest, where they showed us the landfill areas and the vast amounts of wreckage being dealt with in the aftermath of the Christchurch Earthquakes. A fantastic, well-rounded event, with a good balance of fun, food & giving back to our host city which has endured so much. Spencer Park Beach | Canterbury, New Zealand | Volunteer Event | College Study Abroad | IFSA-Butler Spencer Park Group Photo | Canterbury, New Zealand | Volunteer Event | College Study Abroad | IFSA-Butler